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Admin A.K.A the House DJ
Admin A.K.A the House DJ

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PostSubject:   5th January 2007, 8:30 pm

Yo what up to all our fellow professional djs, producers, and remixers! First of all we wanna give thanks to every single one of you for emailing us with interest to our remixes. If you've played any of our remixes in a club or a party or wherevers, much love to ya. We've gotten a lot of responses from all over the world like Australia, Philippines, New York, Atlanta, Cali, Seattle, Brazil, the UK, Kansas City, Texas, Canada, Ohio, South Africa, and well....u get the idea. There are only 2 of us who do these remixes so all we want is access to instrumentals, acapellas, remixes (real remixes made by the artist), exclusives, and possibly premixes as well. (wicked mix, lethal weapons, etc.)

Oh and remember, we don't want to make a profit out of our remixes, we just want every single club out there to play our shit! Razz So to anyone interested in getting our remixes, email us back at and we'll hook all dat shit up. By the way, we really really wanna hear your remixes as well. If you've done some work, hook it up! Smile Peace to ALL of you who play our shit!

much props,
DJ Berg

DJ/VJ Dirrty Gus
Resident DJ/VJ @ The Reef
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