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Admin A.K.A the House DJ

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PostSubject: Funkymix, Ultimix, Rythem & Scra   5th January 2007, 8:38 pm

How can you stay on top of the latest sounds - the hottest re-mixes from the country's top DJs? Be the first with the mixes everyone else will be talking about - it's as easy as subscribing to your favorite Ultimix compilations.

Some real Talent Top DJ / Remixers

Jeff Richards
Born in (City and State) ­ Lexington, KY
Position ­ Head Of Programming, Office Manager
Started Working for Ultimix - 1998
Started Djing ­ 1992
First Club worked @ - Bourbon St. W.S. NC
Current Club Status ­ Sky Bar, Warehouse 29 ­ Greensboro, NC
Hobbies ­ Working out and Music
Favorite Musicians ­ Chris Cox, KISS, Duran Duran
Favorite Mix ­ anything Jim Thias does
Vinyl or CD? - VINYL!!!

John Deets
Position ­ President
Born in (City and State) ­ Spencer, Iowa
Started Working for Ultimix ­ 1991
Hobbies ­ Boating, Motorcycles, Scuba Diving, Travel
Favorite Musicians­ Anything from the 60ıs and 70ıs R&B, Soul, Rock and Roll

Mark Roberts
Position ­ Executive Producer, Remixer, Artwork Design
Born in Greensboro, NC
Started Working for Ultimix - 1990
Started Djing ­ 1986
First Club worked at - The Elbow, ECU ­ Greenville NC
Current Club Status ­ The Red Room ­ Greensboro, NC
Hobbies ­ Golf, my 1970 Corvette, my new son and family, and collection
Favorite Musicians ­ Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, YES, KISS
Favorite Mix ­ I Love Rock-n-Roll The Medley parts 1 and 2ı
First Mixes ­ Kid Panic ­ "We Can Do This" Funkymix 10
Too Much Of A Good Thing ­ Kylie Minogue Ultimix 41
Software used ­ Pro Tools ­ Mac
Vinyl or CD? - CD

Stacy Mier aka DJ Volume
Position ­ Director of Production/Remixer
Born in (City and State) - Crowley, Louisiana
Started Working for Ultimix ­ 1995
Started Djing ­ 1987
First Club worked @ - Thumperıs
Current Club Status ­ Guest Djing
Hobbies ­ Golf, Motorcycles, time with Family
Favorite Musicians/Producers ­ Prince, Dr. Dre, Chris Cox
Favorite Mix ­ Too many to choose
First Mixes ­ Ultimix and Funkymix ­
Lift You Up ­ K5 (UM 64)
Letıs Do It ­ Quad City Djs ­ (FM 27)
Software used ­ S.A.W. PRO and Sonar XL PRO (PC)
Vinyl or CD? - Both

Jason Willmon
Born in - Little Rock, Arkansas
Started Working for Ultimix - 1992
Started Djing ­ 1987
First Club worked @ - Reunion in Little Rock, AR
Current Club Status ­ None
Hobbies ­ Drag Racing & Playing Acoustic Guitar
Favorite Musicians ­ The Eagles
Favorite Mix ­ "Gangsta Nation"
First Mixes ­ Ultimix and Funkymix- "Happy" -Legacy of Sound "Hey DJ"-
Lighter Shade of Brown
Software used ­ Acid & Sound Forge
Vinyl or CD? - Both

Brett Belcastro Aka DJ 2nd Nature
Born in - Detroit, Michigan
Started Working for Ultimix - 1994
Started Djing - 1991
First Club worked at - Woodward Jukebox
Current Club Status - Touring
Hobbies - Running, sound design
Favorite Musicians - Tribe Called Quest, Dave Matthews Band, Musiq
Favorite Mix - The Way You Move
First Mixes - Ultimix and Funkymix
First Funkymix - Warren G "This DJ"
Software used - ProTools
Vinyl or CD? - Mostly CD/DVD now

"Supa" Dave Jackson
Born in - Gaffney, SC
Started Working for Ultimix - Somewhere during funkymix issue 39
Started Djing ­ 1991
First Club worked at - Rollerland when I was 13 Smile
Current Club Status ­ Active? (Club B radio mixshow- WFBC)
Hobbies ­ Anything with computers (GEEK)
Favorite Musicians ­ Counting Crows, Prince
(Used to like Dave Matthews 'til he turned democratic)
Favorite Mix ­ Follow Me - Uncle Kracker
First Mixes ­ Ultimix and Funkymix
(FM) Bling Bling - BG
(UM) Probably some CD bonus cut?
Software used ­ Software? I do it LIVE on tables, baby!!
(Sonar, Acid, Sound Forge)
Vinyl or CD? - CD

Name: Will Calder
Born in: Chicago, IL
Started Working for Ultimix: 2002
First Mix: "Satisfaction" by Eve (Funkymix 65)
Started DJing: 1993 (11 Years)
First Club worked: Liquid/Chatroom - Kenosha, WI
Current Club Status: Star Bar - Aurora, IL & various guest spots around
Hobbies: Broadcasting/Radio Air Personality & Production; checkin' out
new clubs; dance music; comedy; movies; and my company, Nine Two
Productions, Inc.
Favorite Musicians: Outkast, BT, Maroon 5, Prince, Naughty By Nature
Favorite Mix: "Back That Thang Up" by Juvenile (Funkymix 38)
Software Used: Mac OS X 10.3, Pro Tools 6, Logic Pro 6, Reason 2.5
Vinyl or CD: The best of both worlds! I use both formats, but I find myself using more CDs lately.

DJ/VJ Dirrty Gus
Resident DJ/VJ @ The Reef
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