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Admin A.K.A the House DJ
Admin A.K.A the House DJ

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PostSubject:   5th January 2007, 8:54 pm

Headquarters: Scottsdale, AZ
Operation Dates: 1984 - Present
Featured Remixers: Joseph Watt & Art Maharg
Remix Genres: Alternative, Techno, House, Ambient, Progressive, Euro
Configuration: Vinyl Double/Triple Discs, & CDs. Best of Vinyl & CD comps. Now only available on CD, Razormaid also features the concept of custom built CDs for their subscriber base.
Service Details: Since the mid-80's, thee service for an excursion into the best European music ever produced. Razormaid! has featured the finest production in alternative, experimental, Euro-NRG and often features obscure (but tasty) artists. The packaging of their product was as interesting as the music they featured. Razormaid used colored swirled vinyl in their 12" pressings and colored resins in some of their CD's. The exterior packaging was graphically interesting as well.

Joseph Watt and partner Art Maharg pioneered computer based remixing. One of the first, if not the first remix service to feature DJ remixes on compact disc. Razormaid! was the first DJ remix service to feature the satellite service concept to target dance sub-genres. Although Razormaid! now is focused on the concept of subscribers customizing their own CDs from Razormaid's back catalog, their current "Select" series continues the tradition of featuring the best in Euro based dance music. Razormaid's past sub-genre services have included:

This Is Only A Test - Euro NRG, Acid, Top 40. Dance-Pop
Seismic Sound - Experimental/Techno/Trance
Cycle/Sector - Alternative/Industrial/Avant-garde, "Dark & Foreboding" dance music
Transit - NRG, Europop, Circuit boy dance
Gridlock - Trance, Alterna-NRG, Acid
How Slow Can You Go? - Ambient/Sleaze
Level - Trance & Experimental
ClassX - Retro

DJ/VJ Dirrty Gus
Resident DJ/VJ @ The Reef
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