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 Valerie Mora Myspace

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Dj Ooooo

PostSubject: Valerie Mora Myspace   23rd December 2006, 12:10 am

This beautiful young woman has a lot of talent... Literally! While checking out her myspace, you'll here a soulful voice flowing through your speakers. You might glaze through the site and see pics of hip-hop artists & microphones. While reading up on her bio you might start to develope a sense of love this young lady has for muzik. Then when you see that the vocalist on the track playing is the same as that on the website address bar it all comes together. Support your upcoming artist and peep it out Exclamation


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Admin A.K.A the House DJ

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PostSubject: Re: Valerie Mora Myspace   23rd December 2006, 2:51 am

Get site Dj O
keep the new and up coming artists alive.
peace bro

by the way take off the scroll of the then we can click on it to view.

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Valerie Mora Myspace
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